The Key to Kells by Kevin Barry O'Connor


Key Murphy is a freak, a prodigy. He has visions so real he’s diagnosed with PTSD. Key learns that his visions might be caused by a mutated gene which allows him to experience the memories of an ancestor.

Key also has a family link to The Book of Kells. Pages from the book were stolen in Ireland in the distant past. Those pages are believed to contain a fundamental secret of Christendom.

Padraig Collins is one of the wealthiest men in Europe. He was an undercover operative for the IRA. He amassed a fortune. He wants those pages. His soul depends on them. He will do whatever it takes to possess them.

The race is on.

Unlock the Secrets Hidden Within the Pages

Kevin Barry O’Connor’s “The Key to Kells” is a masterful blend of suspense, history, and the intriguing concept of ancestral memory, marking a standout entry in the Irish thriller genre. This novel introduces readers to Key Murphy, a character whose life is turned upside down by startling visions and a hidden genetic legacy. As Key delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers a connection to the ancient and mystical Book of Kells, believed to contain a secret that could shake the foundations of Christendom.

A Journey Through Time and Memory

“The Key to Kells” is not just a thriller; it’s an exploration of the bonds that tie us to our past and the lengths we will go to protect those we love. With vivid descriptions of Ireland’s landscapes and rich historical context, Kevin Barry O’Connor transports readers to a world where the past and present collide. The novel’s deep dive into the concept of ancestral memory—a genetic quirk allowing Key Murphy to experience the lives of his ancestors—sets it apart in the thriller genre, offering a unique and compelling narrative device.

Critics and Readers Alike Are Captivated

Praised by Kirkus Reviews as “a thriller that will be pleasing to any fan of The Da Vinci Code,” “The Key to Kells” has enthralled readers and critics with its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and meticulous research. Fans of Irish history, thrilling mysteries, and innovative storytelling will find themselves lost in the pages of this novel, eager to uncover the truth hidden within the stolen pages of The Book of Kells.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “an electrifying and meticulously detailed book, Kevin Barry O’Connor has created a masterful, enduring and extraordinary historical thriller. The writing is remarkable and facts are fascinating … the readers unable to put the book down and looking for more, definitely a riveting page-turner. THE KEY TO KELLS is an entertaining and very addictive book with a gripping story that will hold your mind and heart until the end … you put it down wondering what happens next.” –Goodreads Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Key to Kells does it brilliantly. It’s a great blend of fantasy, sci-fi, history, thriller, and action. It feels very natural, each genre earns its place in the book … You can feel that the author knows this subject inside out and has done their diligence. I look forward to the next one.” –Goodreads Review

Key Murphy has been a prodigy all his life; chess, music, math, even football. 
But his skills come, and they go.
One skill has remained; his ability to think out of the box and become the proverbial chess master, thinking five moves ahead.
At age thirty – a new skill has forcefully emerged.
One that will put him at great personal risk and pit him against dangerous enemies…