Key Murphy has been a prodigy all his life; chess, music, math, even football. 
But his skills come, and they go.
One skill has remained; his ability to think out of the box and become the proverbial chess master, thinking five moves ahead.
At age thirty – a new skill has forcefully emerged.
One that will put him at great personal risk and pit him against dangerous enemies…

“O’Connor takes these familiar Dan Brown–style thriller elements—hidden societies, secret histories, shocking revelations buried in historical events (plus a certain cosmopolitan flavor; the narrative bounces from Philadelphia to Jamaica to Ireland and elsewhere)—and combines them to craft a thriller that will be pleasing to any fan of The Da Vinci Code (2003).”   
-Kirkus Reviews

“The Key to Kells by Kevin O’Connor was an action-packed read for me. Some shocking twists and turns waited for me and I loved every second of it. The action sequences were delightfully detailed as well, and the fighting and the treasure hunting were fun to read.”
-Anelynde Smit for Reader’s Favorite