Uncover the Secrets of Ancestral memory

Welcome to the official website of Kevin Barry O’Connor, where page turning thrillers intertwine with the rich tapestry of Irish history and the groundbreaking concept of ancestral memory. 

Kevin’s novels, including the acclaimed “The Key to Kells” and its riveting sequel “Threshold,” invite readers on unparalleled adventures that bend genres and captivate the mind. 

Discover a world where the past is not just remembered but relived, where every twist and turn in the story reflects deep research and a profound love for storytelling.

A thrilling journey that begins with a startling discovery about memory and genetics, leading Key Murphy on a dangerous quest intertwined with the legacy of The Book of Kells.

Key Murphy returns in a pulse-pounding thriller that races against time to thwart an assassination attempt, blending ancestral memories with a contemporary crisis.

Kevin Barry O'Connor

About Kevin Barry O'Connor

Kevin Barry O’Connor isn’t just an author; he’s a storyteller whose life journey has taken him across the globe, infusing his novels with a unique blend of suspense, history, and adventure.

With dual US/Irish citizenship and a background rich in performing arts, Kevin brings his diverse experiences to life through characters who are as lovable as they are intelligent.